Vox One: Out There (00 1 CD)

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Vox One: Out There

Song Name   Arranger
Searching For You   Paul Stiller
Whisper When I Speak   Paul Pampinella
The Eyes Of A Jungle   Yumiko Matsuoka
Gone By   Paul Pampinella
Save Me   Yumiko Matsuoka
The Sky Is Crying   Paul Stiller
Say You'll Always Be   Paul Pampinella
That Which You Love   Paul Stiller
Morning   Paul Stiller
Out There   Paul Stiller

Produced by Paul Stiller / Vox One

In announcing the CARA winners for 1996, the Contemporary A Cappella Newsletter used the following statement to announce the Album Of The Year. "In a year of extremely strong nominees for best album, Vox One's little-publicized "Out There" takes first place because it has everything. Exceptional songwriting, glowing arrangements, magnificent solo performances and top rate production all combine to make this the sleeper album of 1995. Somehow Vox One manages to combine elements of pop, rock, blues and jazz without compromising the exacting demands of any of the styles. The resulting blend is infectious and definitive, proving "Out There" to be one of the best contemporary albums ever." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Listen to Whisper When I Speak in RealAudio.

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