Gothic Voices: A Laurel for Landini (00 1 CD)

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Gothic Voices: A Laurel for Landini

Song Name   Arranger
Sia laudato san Francesco   Anon
O sommo specchio   Niccolo da Perugia
Creata fusti, o vergine Maria   Anon
Questa fanciull' Amor   Landini
Batista da Dio amato   Anon
Deh, dinmi tu   Landini
De sospirar sovente   Landini
Vaga fanciulla   Landini
Ave Maria, stella Diana   Anon
Ne la piu cara parte   Landini
Guarda una volta   Landini
Per Pallegrezza del nostro Signore   Anon
Cosi penoso   Landini
Donna, perche mi spregi   Landini
Musica son/ Gia furon/ Ciascun Vuol   Landini
Peccatrice nominata   Anon
Conviens' a fede   Landini
Lasso! di donna   Landini
Mein herz das ist versert   Oswald von Wolkenstein
Ne la mia vita   Landini
Muort' oramai   Landini
Che pena e quest' al cor   Landini
Piu bella donn' al mondo   Landini
Questa fanciull' Amor   Landini
Vergine donzella imperadrice   Anon
Questa fanciull' Amor   Landini

Directed by Christopher Page

The award winning and worldwide famous vocal ensemble Gothic Voices travel to Italy and the origins of its impressive polyphonic music: A Laurel for Landini - 14th Century Italy's Greatest Composer. This disc presents the group performing music by the Italian composer Francesco Landini, one of the most prominent and influential composers of that time and one of the most important for the development of later forms of close harmonic chanting - the forerunner of the famous Madrigal that would flourish later in the 16th century. This disc not only sets out the panorama of the time and the genius of Landini himself but also works by his contemporaries. Here Gothic Voices collaborate with the worldwide acclaimed harpist Andrew Lawrence-King. This is an important release that will appeal to those interested in singing and early choral music to discover a whole new set and experiments from a composer that helped create the choral forms that later revolutionized the whole of western music.

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