Gothic Voices: The Castle of Fair Welcome (00 1 CD)

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Gothic Voices: The Castle of Fair Welcome

Song Name   Composer
Le souvenir de vous me tue   Robert Morton
Puisque ma damme / Je m'en voy   Johannes Regis
Las je ne puis plus nullement durer   Anonymous
Que pourroit plus   Robert Morton
Myn hertis lust   Johannes Bedyngham
Dueil angoisseux   Gilles de Binchois
Ne je ne dors   Guillaume Dufay
En amours n'a si non bien   Anonymous
La pena sin ser sabida   Vincent du Bruecquet
Mi ut re ut (Venise)   Anonymous
Plus j'ay le monde regarde   Robert Morton
So ys emprinted   Walter Frye
Ma dame, trop vous mesprenes   ?Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy
Pues servicio vos desplaze   Enrique

Directed by Christopher Page

This Gothic Voices offering covers most of the material found in a songbook (a manuscript collection of favoured songs) dating from around AD 1200. It was only rediscovered by chance, the original manuscript having been disassembled for use as flyleaves for another book. Precious little information is given in the sleeve note about the circumstances of that rediscovery, which is a shame, and we read that it can only be guessed that the songbook had its origins within some kind of religious foundation. Just over half the songs are monophonic and most relate to Christian feasts, especially Christmas. But as in many such collections from across the centuries, the fun comes in discovering the more eclectic choices of music for inclusion. Here, for example, there are songs bewailing the sale of ecclesiastical offices, the need to use flattery to get on in life and the prevalence of greed and disrespect for the law, plus a marvellous love song featuring a young man's agonising choice between the charms of "little Flora" and his studies. The tasteful, sensitive Gothic Voices performances are everything we have come to expect.

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