Gothic Voices: Music for the Lion-Hearted King (00 1 CD)

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Gothic Voices: Music for the Lion-Hearted King

Song Name   Composer
Mundus vergens   Anonymous
Novus miles sequitur   Anonymous
A la doucour de la bele seson   Gace Brule
Sol sub nube latuit   Anonymous
Hac in anni ianua   Anonymous
Anglia, planctus itera   Anonymous
Etas auri reditur   Anonymous
Vetus abit littera   Anonymous
In occasu sideris   Anonymous
L'amours dont sui espris   Blondel de Nesle
Purgator criminum   Anonymous
Li nouviauz tanz   Chastelain de Couci
Pange melos lacrimosum   Anonymous
Ma joie me semont   Blondel de Nesle
Ver pacis apperit   Anonymous
Latex silice   Anonymous

Directed by Christopher Page

This CD commemorates the eight hundreth anniversary of King Richard the First's coronation in Westminster Abbey. Soloists or groups of two to four singers perform each piece a cappella, sometimes overlapping melodies and harmonies with dazzling technicality. Each track glows with vocal virtuosity. The effect heightens with each successive listen. During Richard's lifetime the principal forms of secular court music were the conductus and the chanson. A conductus was an accentual Latin poem set to music for one, two, three or even four voices. The number of parts in a conductus governs not only its sound but also its style in performance, for the addition of voices usually increases the drive and aggressiveness of the work.

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