Santa Fe Desert Chorale: Live From Loretto Chapel (00 2 CDs)

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Santa Fe Desert Chorale: Live From Loretto Chapel

Song Name   Composer
"Es Rigor E Repente"   Gaspar Fernandes
"Desvelado Dueno Mio"   Tomas De Torrejon Y Velasco
"Sa Qui Turo"   Anonymous
Missa "Ave Regina Coelorum" (tracks 4-7)   Juan Gutierrez de Padilla
"Oigan, Escuchen, Atiendan"   Juan de Araujo
Circumdederunt Me Dolores Mortis   Juan Gutierrez de Padilla
"Dios Itlaconantzine"   Don Hernando Franco
"Sancta Maria yn Ilhuicac"   Don Hernando Franco
"Los Coflades De La Estleya"   Juan de Araujo
Misa a 5   Manuel de Sumaya

Directed by Linda Mack

The Santa Fe Desert Chorale offers a brilliant two CD set with selections recorded at the historic Loretto Chapel, during the 2006 Santa Fe Summer Festival. Using two small ensembles, under the baton of artistic director Linda Mack, the chorale offers An American Hallelujah featuring songs of faith, joy and praise. The second disc called Romance is lead by assistant Matthew Tresler and offers a sublime view of the trials and tribulations of love, from Brahms to Lennon and McCartney.

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