San Francisco Choral Artists: So Gracious Is The Time - An American Christmas (00 1 CD)

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San Francisco Choral Artists: So Gracious Is The Time - An American Christmas

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Twelfth Night   Samuel Barber
I Wonder As I Wander    Traditional   Fenno Heath
What Child Is This    Traditional   Fenno Heath
Sweet Was The Song    Herbert Bielawa
In The Bleak Midwinter   Randolph Currie
A Virgin Upspotted   William Billings
Sanctus    Brian Banks
Almighty Father   Leonard Bernstein
Ave Maria    R. Nathanial Dett
Glory To God In The Highest   RandallThompson
Ave Maria    William Ludtke
Virga Jesse Flourit    William Ludtke
O Magnum Mysterium   William Ludtke
Ave Maria   David Conte
Wonders Of Christmas   Roger Nixon
Milford   Joseph Stephenson
Sherburne   Daniel Read
Hail Mary    William L. Dawson
Deck The Halls   Traditional   James McKelvy
Snowfall    G. Thornhill   Gene Puerling
Silent Night   F. Gruber   David Conte

Directed by Magen Solomon

A Christmas collection that attempts to narrow the gap between the music most performed (that written before 1900) and the vibrant work of living, working composers. "So gracious" the aptly-named Choral Artists combined beloved classics, fresh and original arrangements of traditional melodies, and some of their favorite (and previously unrecorded) works of Bay Area Composers. Favorites are Laurie Lee's powerful "Twelfth Night," Fenno Heath's flawless arrangements of "I Wonder as I Wander" and "What Child is This?," Herbert Bielawa's "Sweet Was the Song," William Billings' lilting, joyous "A Virgin Unspotted," "Ave Maria" and "Silent Night," both arranged by David Conte, Roger Nixon's 3-part "Wonders of Christmas" particularly "Christmas Greeting," Wm. Dawson's fine spiritual "Hail Mary!," John Stephenson's powerful "Milford" and Ruth Thornhill's "Snowfall," arranged by Gene Puerling. The eclectic and engaging "So gracious" touches, surprises and delights us with every song!

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