National Lutheran Choir: A New Song (00 1 CD)

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National Lutheran Choir: A New Song

Song Name   Composer
I Will Sing To The Lord    Richard Feliciano
My Friend Had A Vineyard   Richard Feliciano
Jerusalem   Egil Hovland
Signpost I   Eskil Hemberg
Sixty-Seventh Psalm   Charles Ives
Psalm 150   Darius Milhaud
Thee Will I love    Kenneth Jennings
Priere   Francis Poulenc
Lamb Of God    Samuel Barber
Prayer To Jesus    George Oldroyd
Ubi Caritas   Maurice Durufle
Whither Shall I Go    Arthur Campbell
O Vos Omnes   Pablo Casals
The Dove Descending    Stravinsky
Sprirt Of God    Kenneth Jennings
Set Me As A Seal   Mark Gresham
Hymn To God   Edmund Rubra
Inscription From The Catacombs   Normand Lockwood
Our Father    Alexander Gretchaninof

Directed by Larry L. Fleming

The professional choral musicians of the National Lutheran Choir, selected by auditions held each May, are drawn from a 200-mile radius of Minneapolis/St. Paul for weekly rehearsals, and they represent the various Lutheran Church colleges and universities who have provided their undergraduate musical education. They perform literature from the entire spectrum of sacred choral works, all a cappella. A New Song, conducted by Larry L. Fleming, "A New Song" is an eclectic, varied collection of sacred music not often heard or performed. Richard Feliciano's dramatic and brooding "I Will Sing to the Lord" and "My Friend Had a Vineyard" set the tone for the collection, as does Eskil Hemberg's dissonant, eclectic "Signpost I." Darius Milhard's "Psalm 150" soars and surprises, Samuel Berber's "Lamb of God," George Oldroyd's "Prayer to Jesus," Durufle's "Ubi Caritas," Mark Gresham's "Set Me a Seal" and Kenneth Jennings' "Spirit of God" are sweet and lovely; Igor Stravinski's "The Dove Descending," Edmund Rubra's "Hymne to God" and Normand Lockwood's "Inscription from the Catacombs" have hauntingly dissonant harmonies. Each of these is a difficult-to-perform, rarely-heard gem, beautifully done by one of the world's most respected Christian choirs.

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