Sixteen: An Eternal Harmony (00 1 CD)

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Sixteen: An Eternal Harmony

Song Name   Composer
Dum Sacrum Mysterium   Plainchant
Credo From Mass   Robert Carver
O Bone Jesu   James Macmillan
When David Heard   Robert Ramsey
In Monte Oliveti   Robert Ramsey
O Vos Omnes   Robert Ramsey
How Are The Mighty Fallin'   Robert Ramsey
Salve Regina    William Cornysh
Ave Maria Mater Dei    William Cornysh
O Bone Jesu    Robert Carver

Directed by Harry Christophers

The vast power of the Royal Courts of England and Scotland may be long gone but the sumptuous sounds of their worship are not lost. This disc brings together music of some of the most outstanding but now little-known composers of the 15th and 16th centuries, and introduces a major new work by one of this century's most remarkable composers, James Macmillan. Robert Carver's mesmeric setting of the devotional text "O bone Jesu" has long been admired and has now proved an inspiration to James MacMillan who has chosen with this special commission for The Sixteen, to clothe the same text in his own musical language of reflective beauty. "This 25th Anniversary CD is a delight, and like all great recordings it gets better the more you listen to it." - BBC Radio 3, CD Review

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