Choir of King's College, Cambridge: The Psalms of David (00 2 CDs)

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Choir of King's College, Cambridge: The Psalms of David

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
I Was Glad   Woodward
Like As The Hart-Give Sentence With Me   Turle
Praise The Lord O My Soul   Crotch / Longhurst
Here My Crying O God   Samuel Wesley
The Earth Is The Lord's   Barnby
I will Lift Up Mine Eyes   Walford Davies
The Lord Is My Shepard   Goss
God Is Our Hope And Faith   Martin Luther
O How Amiable Are Thy Dwellings   Parry
Lord Who Shall Dwell   Goss
By the Waters Of Babylon   Garrett
O Praise The Lord   Stanford
O Praise The Lord Of Heaven   Walmisley
O Sing Unto The Lord   Hanforth
O Praise God In His Holiness   Goodenough
When The Lord Turned Again   Garrett
Thou O God Art Praised In Sion   Smart
O Be Joyful In God All Ye LAnds   Atkins
God Be Merciful Unto Us And Bless Us   Sir Edward Bairstow
When Israel Came Out Of Egypt   Willcocks
Not Unto Us O Lord   Gerald Knight
Help Me Lord   Wilton
Behold How Good And Joyful   Turle
Behold Now, Praise The Lord   Turle
Sing We Merrily Unto God   Goodenough / Willcocks
My God My God Look Upon Me Hear My Law O My People   Samuel Wesley
The Lord Is King   Mann / Cooke / Nares / Stanford
O Lord Is King   Garrett
O Lord Is God To Whom Vengeance Belongeth   S.S. Wesley
O Hear Ye This, All Ye People   Walmisley
O Give Thanks Unto The Lord   Atkins
My Heart Is Inditing   Hawes
Fret Not Thyself   Goss / Day
The Foolish Hath Said   Stanford
Out Of The Deep   Walford Davies
Lord I Am Not High Minded   Willcocks

Directed by David Willcocks

The well-known psalms selected for these recording constitute a cross-section of the Psalter. Some are in praise of Jerusalem, both for its beauty and as the dwelling-place of Jehovah; some are the passionate cry of an exile; some are quiet songs of trust; some are triumphant hymns of praise. This package is a 2 CD digitally remastered release of the early Vol 1 and Vol 2 albums.

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