Cincinnati Boychoir: America Sings (00 1 CD)

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Cincinnati Boychoir: America Sings

Song Name   Composer
Great Day   Rollo Dilworth
How Can I Keep From Singing   Gwyneth Walker
E Hii Lei E   Linda Spevacek
Amazing Grace   John Coates / Randall Wolfe
Run To Jesus   Howard Roberts
Holy Manna    Moore / Burroughs
Come Thou Fount   Robinson / Burroughs
When I Can Read My Title Clear   Pisgah / Burroughs
Star Trek Next Generation Theme    Courage / Roddenberry / Goldsmith
Deep River    Allan Bevan
My Shepard Will Supply My Need    Howard helvey
My Tent Beside The Oregon    James D. Dana / Jerre Tanner
I Hear A Voice A-Callin'   Michael Braz
Variations On America    Charles Ives
God Bless America    Irving Berlin
I Hear America Singing    Thomas
Battle Hymn Of The Republic   Steffe / Munsen / Golemo
The Stars And Stripes Forever    Sousa / E & R Chenault

Directed by Randall N. Wolfe

Founded in 1965, the Cincinnati Boychoir presents its own concert series and performs 40 times a year for symphonies, television, community organizations, churches, weddings, clubs and retirement homes. "America Sings" features 18 songs, some accompanied by piano, flute and organ. Our favorites are the spirituals "Great Day!," "Run to Jesus," "Deep River" and "I Hear a Voice Callin' for Me," "Variations on America" and "I Hear America Singing." Others are Irving Berlin's "God Bless America," "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever." James Dana's "My Tent Beside the Oregon," "When Can I Read My Title Clear" and the American folk tune "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need" are also very fine. Another stellar collection by one of our favorite boychoirs!

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