Sixteen: Ikon of Light - Sir John Tavener (00 1 CD)

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Sixteen: Ikon of Light - Sir John Tavener

Song Name   Composer
A Hymn to the Mother of God   John Tavener
Hymn for the Dormition of the Mother of God   John Tavener
The Lamb   John Tavener
The Tyger   John Tavener
Ikon of Light   John Tavener
Fos I, Doxa   John Tavener
piu intensita   John Tavener
Trisagion   John Tavener
Mystic Prayer To The Holy Spirit   John Tavener
Trisagion   John Tavener
Fos   John Tavener
Today the Virgin    John Tavener
Eonia   John Tavener

Directed by Harry Christophers

Despite the mystic beauty of his music, John Tavener's place in Western music is a controversial one. His desire to create musical ikons for a time in which he believes 'man has lost his belief not only in God, but also in himself' is provocative. Yet part of the attraction of his music must surely arise from its symbolic nature, a reflection of his deeply-held Orthodox faith. This collection cvers a wide range of Tavener's celebrated choral output and includes his immediately popular setting of William Blake's The Lamb, and the luminously spiritual, Ikon of Light.

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