Sixteen: Frank Martin (00 1 CD)

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Sixteen: Frank Martin

Song Name   Composer
Cantate pour le 1er Août   Frank Martin
Janeton   Frank Martin
Petite eglise   Frank Martin
Si Charlotte avait voulu   Frank Martin
Come unto these yellow sands   Frank Martin
Full fathom five   Frank Martin
Before you can say   Frank Martin
You are three men of sin   Frank Martin
Where the bee sucks   Frank Martin
Sonnet   Frank Martin
Le coucou   Frank Martin
Ode   Frank Martin
Le petit village   Frank Martin
Ode a la Musique   Frank Martin
Kyrie eleison   Frank Martin
Gloria   Frank Martin
Credo   Frank Martin
Sanctus   Frank Martin
Benedictus   Frank Martin
Agnus Dei    Frank Martin

Directed by Harry Christophers

Frank Martin was arguably Switzerland's greatest composer. His shimmering Mass for Double Choir, completed in 1926 as 'an affair between God and himself', is one of the finest settings of the 20th century, yet it had to wait forty-one years to be shared with others in its first performance. This collection of his choral music also includes his cantata for Switzerland's National Day and the Ode to Music, along with some charming part-songs. Eclectic and technically superb these pieces display a style that is serenely individual.

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