Voices of Ascension: Mysteries Beyond - In Praise of Mary (00 1 CD)

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Voices of Ascension: Mysteries Beyond - In Praise of Mary

Song Name   Composer
Alma Redemptoris Mater   Giovanni Palestrina
Gradual: Os Justi    Anton Bruckner
Tantum Ergo    Gabriel Faure
Ave Maria    Gustav Holst
Ave Maria    Anton Bruckner
Tota Pulchra Es    Maurice Durufle
Ave Maria    Schubert
Die Allmacht   Schubert
Ave Maria    Tomas Luis de Victoria
Eucaristica    Casals
Ave Maria    Gabriel Faure
Psalm 23    Schubert
Psalm 43    Felix Mendelssohn
Ave Maria    Bach/Gounod
Cantique de Jean Racine    Gabriel Faure
Ubi Caritas    Maurice Durufle

Directed by Dennis Keene

"Mysteries" is a very special collection of the Keene's and the Voices of Ascension's favorite pieces from many periods and countries having to do with Mary, mother of Jesus. Two of our favorites are two of the oldest pieces on the recording, the lovely a cappella "Alma Redemptoris Mater" by Giovanni Palestrina and Tomas Luis de Victoria's classic "Ave Maria." Other favorites are Anton Bruckner's "Gradual: Os Justi," Gabriel Faure's "Tantum Ergo," which only grows more beautiful with repeated hearings, Schubert's "Die Allmacht" and "Psalm 23," Pablo Casals' "Eucaristica," Charles Gounod's "Ave Maria," and Felix Mendelssohn's "Psalm 43." Some light accompaniment by harp, piano and organ. New York City's 38-strong, mixed-voice Voices of Ascension is one of our favorite choirs recording sacred music, and "Mysteries" is an inspiring joy from the first cut to the last!

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