Ronald Corp: Forever Child - Seven Songs of Childhood (01 Songbook)

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Ronald Corp: Forever Child - Seven Songs of Childhood

Song Name   Composer
The Fly   William Blake
New Year's Chimes   Francis Thompson
A Boy's Song   James Hogg
God be in my head
The Swing   Robert Louis Sevenson
On My First Sonne   Ben Jonson
Requiem   Robert Louis Sevenson
Where Go The Boats?   Robert Louis Sevenson

Forever Child is a suite of seven pieces for unaccompanied mixed voices on the theme of childhood. it was composed in memory of a young boy, Ben Curiel, and is a celebration of his life in a sequences of well-loved texts. Corp skillfully evokes a variety of moods, from the innocence of childhood to the darker, more reflective mood of the final movements. The work forms an excellent concert suite, or any of its movements may be extracted for separate performance

7043 01 Songbook $6.95   29 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12 | England | SATB | A Cappella | English Choral Arrangements