Finzi Singers: Moeran / Warlock (00 1 CD)

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Finzi Singers: Moeran / Warlock

Song Name   Composer
Songs of Springtime:   E.J. Moeran
Under the Greenwood Tree   E.J. Moeran
The River-God's Song   E.J. Moeran
Sping, the Sweet Spring   E.J. Moeran
Love is a Sickness   E.J. Moeran
Sigh no more, Ladies   E.J. Moeran
Good Wine   E.J. Moeran
To Daffodils   E.J. Moeran
Phyllida and Corydon:   E.J. Moeran
Madrigal - Phyllida and Corydon   E.J. Moeran
Madrigal - Beauty sat bathing by a spring   E.J. Moeran
Pastoral - On a hill there grows a flower   E.J. Moeran
Air - Phyllis inamorata   E.J. Moeran
Ballet - Said I that Amaryllis   E.J. Moeran
Canzonet - The treasure of my heart   E.J. Moeran
Air - While she lies sleeping   E.J. Moeran
Pastoral - Corydon, arise   E.J. Moeran
Madrigal - To meadows   E.J. Moeran
A Cornish Carol   Peter Warlock
I saw a fair maiden   Peter Warlock
Benadicamus Domino   Peter Warlock
The Full Heart   Peter Warlock
The Rich Cavalcade   Peter Warlock
Corpus Christi   Peter Warlock
All the Flowers of the Spring   Peter Warlock
As Dew in Aprylle   Peter Warlock
Bethlehem Down   Peter Warlock
A Cornish Christmal Carol   Peter Warlock

Directed by Paul Spicer

Given performances as openly sincere and sensitive as these, few could remain unmoved. Bethlehem Down with its haunting, desolate air is the best-known work here but it only hints at the emotional intensity of such wonderful carols as The full heart with its exotic harmonies and complex part-writing and the ravishingly beautiful Corpus Christi. The relationship between Warlock and Moeran can be overworked: musically the connections seem largely superficial. Not for Moeran the pained utterances of a twisted soul, but in these two matchless madrigal suites there is an indefinable Englishness-the result of a deep awareness of tradition and love of the countryside. Again the innate musicality of the Finzi Singers pays handsome dividends; these warm-toned, richly expressive voices (not least Andrea Gray and Andrew Carwood, magnificent soloists in Warlock's Corpus Christi) seem to capture the very essence of this uniquely lovely music.

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