Brazeal Dennard Chorale: Remembering, Discovering, Preserving (00 1 CD)

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Brazeal Dennard Chorale: Remembering, Discovering, Preserving

Song Name   Arranger
Oh, That Bleeding Lamb   Undine Smith Moore
I'll Never Turn Back   Hall Johnson
Listen to the Lambs   Nathaniel Dett
In Bright Mansions Above   Leondard de Paur
Is a Light Shining   John Work
Heavenly Union   R. Nathaniel Dett
An' I Cry   Noah F. Ryder
O Holy Lord   R. Nathaniel Dett
Ain'A That Good News   William L. Dawson
Lily of the Valley   Wendell P. Whalum
Gonna Journey Away   Noah F. Ryder
Any How   Evelyn La Rue Pittman
There's a Lit'l Wheel   William L. Dawson
O the Rocks and the Mountains   John W. Work
I'm Gonna Sing the Spirit   Moses Hogan
Elijah Rock   Moses Hogan

Directed by Brazeal W. Dennard

The story of the Fisk Jubilee Singers is one of the most inspiring in all of American Music. In 1872 a history of their struggle, triumph, and music finally saw print. They sang the songs which were handed down to them by their slave ancestors. The songs expressed profound religious beliefs, an unshakable faith, relief from the suffering of slavery, and the optimism for a better world to come. In truth they were a major contributing tributary to the musical stream which diverged into gospel and blues. This beautiful recording recreates and shares with us some of that body of work which is so important to American music. It is meant to document and present to posterity some of the most powerful music ever sung.

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