Esoterics: Elementia - The elements in their season (00 1 CD)

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Esoterics: Elementia - The elements in their season

Song Name   Composer
In Nature's charm - Earth   David Asplin
New World/ Due composizioni corali - Earth   Donald Skirvin/ Ildebrando Pizzetti
Il giardino di Afrodite - Earth
Piene sorgeva la luna - Earth
A foldhez - Earth   Lajos Bardos
Min yndlingsdal - Earth   Jorgen Jerslid
Friede auf Erden - Earth   Arnold Schoenberg
Riverrun - Water   Garret Fisher
Wheel of Dreams - Water   Donald Skirvin
To Be Sung on the Water / Szeroka woda- Water   Henryk Gorecki
A ta nasza Narew - Water
Oj, kiedy na Powislu - Water
Oj, Janie, Janie - Water
Polne roze rwala - Water
Szeroka woda - Water
Natteregn - Water   Jorgen Jersild
Canticum,calamitatis maritimae - Water   Jaakko Mantyjarvi
Autumn - Air
The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee - Air
Dance, Clarion Air - Air
Entflieht auf leichten Kahnen/ Szeged felol - Air
Szeged felol - Air
Nem porzik - Air
Angyi sutott retest... - Air
Sej haj, liba liba... - Air
Aftenroden - Air
Suglsmaastikud - Air
Anthem - Fire   Igor Stravinsky
Cedar Smoke and Snowflake - Fire   Donald Skirvin
Twelfth Night - Fire   Samuel Barber
Nonantsin - Fire   Carlos Chavez
Tuz-szivarvany - Fire   Lajos Bardos
To Music - Fire   Elliot Carter
Hymn to St Cecilia   Benjamin Britten

Directed by Eric Banks

ELEMENTIA, the third release from The Esoterics, is a double CD set that encompasses some of the best works from Season 2000. With more than two hours of music, ELEMENTIA features world premiere recordings by Northwest composers Donald Skirvin, Garrett Fisher, and David Asplin. Over the course of the year 2000, The Esoterics celebrated each of the four ancient elements from various vantage points, presenting the sounds and stories of different cultures - weaving music and mythology, science and sociology - to create a broader appreciation of EARTH, WATER, AIR, and FIRE. ELEMENTIA is a compilation of works from these concerts, with world premieres and 20th century classics. The repertoire spans continents and styles, with a range of new favorites and choral classics from Britten, Carter, Pizzetti, Stravinsky, Barber, and more. Kim Davenport of said of the EARTH concert performed in Tacoma, "Seldom is one treated to a choral ensemble of such skill, with stunning balance, rhythmic precision, warmth of sound, a wonderfully broad dynamic range, and impeccable diction in every language sung."

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