Hot Shots: Another Bad Idea (00 1 CD)

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Hot Shots: Another Bad Idea

Song Name   Arranger
Mic Check   Hot Shots
Here's To The Losers   Roger Payne
The Weather Channel Song   Val Hicks
The Hurricane Song   Lou Perry
If I Love Again   Hopkins
That's Life   Roger Payne
Ave Maria   Biebl
Scottish Spring   Todd Seymour
Scotland The Brave   Forever Plaid
Music Maestro Please   Larry Wright
Lydia, The Tattooed Lady   Lloyd Steinkamp
Somebody To Love    Tom Ball

Tenor: James Kastler Lead: Andrew Borts Baritone: Mitch Greenberg Bass: Paul Agnew

The Barbershop Harmony Society's '06-'07 Sunshine District Quartet Champions, South Florida's fast-rising Hot Shots are very talented, funny guys (we could tell by the photo on the back of the CD showing them wearing garish matching suits that would make Bozo blush. "Another" features 12 songs, including favorites "Here's to the Losers," "The Weather Channel Song," "The Hurricane Song," "That's Life," "Scottish Spring," "Scotland the Brave," "Music, Maestro Please," "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" and (the accompanied) "Somebody To Love" (featuring Kat Bowser). Hot Shots are big fun on stage, and big fun in this album. Enjoy!

Listen to The Weather Channel Song in RealAudio.

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