Great Northern Union Chorus: Bound For Glory (00 1 CD)

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Great Northern Union Chorus: Bound For Glory

Song Name   Arranger
Great Day   David Harrington
If Ye Love Me   Thomas Tallis
In This Very Room   Greg Volk
Run, Run, Run   Bob Dowma
Swing Low / Swing Down Chariot   The Imperials
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence   Jeff Taylor
God Is My Rock   Ed Nalle
Nearer My God To Thee / I Need Thee Every Hour   Bob Dowma
When I Lift Up My Head   David Wright
This Train / When The Saints Go Marching In   Tom Gentry
Ave Maria   Franz Biebl

Directed by Pete Bensen

Twin-Cities-based Great Northern Union, directed since 2002 by Peter Benson, is one of the midwest's most versatile choral groups. Surrounded by musical excellence, the group has a broad repertoire and a beautiful sound, and they add visual presentation to complete the package. "Bound for Glory" is "Gnu's" fourth recording, a special selection of sacred works. 11 songs, "Great Day," Thomas Tallis' "If Ye Love Me," "In This Very Room," "Swing Low/Swing Down Chariot," "God is My Rock," "Nearer My God to Thee/I Need Thee Every Hour," "When I Lift Up My Head," "This Train/When the Saints Go Marching In" and special bonus cut, Franz Biebl's "Ave Maria" are particularly nice. An inspirational, beautifully arranged and sung collection from the talented, dynamic Great Northern Union Chorus

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