Vocal Majority: VM X (00 1 CD)

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Vocal Majority: VM X

Barbershop Chorus Champions '75, '79. '82, 85, 88, 91, 94, 97, 2000, '03, '06

Song Name   Arranger
I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody / You Were Meant for Me Medley 1975   Renee Craig
Who'll Take My Place (When I'm Gone) 1975   Greg Lyne
How Could You Believe Me / It's a Sin to Tell a Lie Medley 1979   Renee Craig
For the Sake of Auld Lang Syne 1979   Ed Waesche
You Can Have Every Light on Broadway 1982   Nancy Bergman
Red Head 1982    Ed Waesche
Hey Mister Leader Man / Strike Up the Band Medley 1985   Pete Rupuy
Come Take Your Place in my Heart 1985   Jim Clancy
Last Night Was the End of the World 1988 Semi-Finals   David Wright
Who'se Going to Love You / Who'll Take My Place Medley 1988 Semi-Finals   David Wright
Girl of My Dreams 1988 Finals   Jim Clancy
Waiting for Robert E Lee 1988 Finals   David Wright
Who'll Take My Place (When I'm Gone) 1991   Greg Lyne
Alexander's Ragtime Band 1991   David Wright
That Wonderful Mother of Mine 1994   Jim Clancy
Runnin Wild 1994   David Wright
You'll Never Know / My Buddy Medley 1997   Jim Clancy
Red Head 1997   Ed Waesche
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 2000   Jim Clancy
The Mardi Gras March / South rampart Street Parade Medley 2000   David Wright
You Don't Know Me 2003   Jim Clancy
Puttin on the Ritz 2003   David Wright

Directed by Jim Clancy

The Vocal Majority Chorus celebrates its tenth SPEBSQSA Gold Medal International win in July, 2003 with the release of this generous, comprehensive collection featuring all 10 Gold Medal winning contest sets performed from 1975 through 2003. In the 22 incredible a cappella tracks, we can experience the evolution of this institution of the Barbershop world. Recommended!

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