Real Group: Commonly Unique (00 1 CD)

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Real Group: Commonly Unique

Song Name   Arranger
Substitute For Life   Anders Edenroth
Telephone Talking   Anders Edenroth
Commonly Unique   Katarina Henryson
Thousand Things   Anders Edenroth
Run, Run, Run   Anders Edenroth
Love and Let Go   Peder Karlsson
Stay   Edenroth / M. Jalkeus / Karlsson / A. Jalkeus
Lift Me Up   Margareta Jalkeus
Big Bad World   Anders Edenroth
Song Of Love   Margareta Jalkeus
Cage Of Promise   Peder Karlsson
Long Way To Go   Anders Edenroth
Eyes Of A Child   Katarina Henryson

Produced by Anders Edenroth

Sweden's Real Group began sixteen years ago, singing in Swedish. Subsequent recordings produced what some consider definitive versions of classic American jazz standards, as well as what became staples of the Real Group repertoire, such as "Chili Con Carne" and "Acappella in Acapulco." Their previous release, "One For All," saw the group focusing on original material, written in English. "Commonly Unique" continues the focus on self-written compositions, and though the unmistakable clarity and tone that instantly identifies their sound is there, this is just as much an adult contemporary record as it is jazz. The use of effects processing to enrich the sound, especially on the vocal percussion and bass, adds a modern edge and feel. "Substitute for Life," a commentary on the ill effects of television, melds a relentlessly cheery chorus with the dire incantation of the verse, all driven by an energetic trip-hop beat. "Thousand Things" will be a new Real Group classic, returning to warmly familiar jazz territory with an inspired melody and brisk tempo. The nuanced musing of "Stay" features a vocal trumpet, subtly marking the tonal landscape. Pretty ballads such as "Song Of Love," "Long Way To Go" and "Love And Let Go" are glossy pastiches, sweetly delectable and easy to digest. "Commonly Unique" is aptly titled, and will bring together both old and new fans of the most gifted a cappella vocal jazz group performing today.

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