Real Group: Stamning (Eric Erickson) (00 1 CD)

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Real Group: Stamning (Eric Erickson)

Song Name   Arranger
En vanlig gronskas rika drakt (Sommarpsalm)   Waldemar Ahlen
Uti var hage   Hugo Alfven
Aftonen   Hugo Alfven
I furuskogen   Helena Nyblom
Den blomstertid nu kommer   Kolmodin / Hallqvist
Sverige   Wilhem Stenhammer
Gladjens blomster   Hugo Alfven
Kung Liljekonvalje   David Wikander
Forvarskvall   David Wikander
Det ljusnar   Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
Som stjarnan uppa himmelen sa klar   Hugo Alfven
Harlig ar jorden   Bernhard Severin Ingemann
I Seraillets have   Wilhem Stenhammer
Och jungfrun hon gar i ringen   Hugo Alfven
I denna ljuva sommartid   Gerhardt / Hallqvist
I himmelen, i himmelen   Laurentius Laurentii
Om alla berg och dalar   David Wikander
En sommarafton   Adolf Fredrik Lindblad
Limu, limu, lima   Hugo Alfven
Pingst   Lindberg / Levertin
Stjarntandning   Lindberg / Von Heidenstam
Stamning   Wilhelm Peterson-Berger

Produced by Anders Jalkeus

It always seems much too long between releases of the legendary Real Group, arguably one of the finest a cappella groups of all time and of course one of Primarily A Cappella's best selling artists. "Stamning" is a gem, leaning more towards the choral side of this three-man, two-woman Swedish group. This is their first CD under the direction of Eric Ericson, well-known Swedish director, who first worked with them when they where members of his acclaimed Swedish Radio Choir years before. The twenty two songs are a tribute to the great Swedish composers, featuring a wide selection of folk, religious and traditional songs. With a long and well respected history of vocal harmony singing Sweden has, over the years, produced many great composers and this recording features some of the best of them all. Touching, hauntingly beautiful songs with polished, perfectly blended harmonies sung by the most beautiful of vocal ensembles.

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