Real Group: One For All (00 1 CD)

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Real Group: One For All

Song Name   Arranger
We're Five   Anders Edenroth
For My Lady   Anders Edenroth
The Venture Of Living   Peder Karlsson
I Found The Key   Katarina Henryson
Walking Down The Street   Margareta Jalkeus
Hard To Say Goodbye   Anders Edenroth
The Wonderful World Of Sports   Anders Edenroth
I Sing, You Sing   Anders Edenroth
Splanky   Margareta Jalkeus
A Word   Margareta Jalkeus
Simplicity   Margareta Jalkeus
The Lost Jewel   Margareta Jalkeus
Vem kan segla forutan vind   Peder Karlsson
Small Talk   Anders Edenroth
One Summer   Peder Karlsson
Swedish Hit Medley   Tomas Bergquist

Produced by The Real Group / Jan Apelholm

The Real Group have set a standard, indeed the standard, as the royalty of a cappella vocal jazz. From their youthful beginnings at the Academy of Music in Stockholm, where they acquired the prodigious technical expertise that has since become their trademark, to their current reign as best-selling recording artists, the Real Group has earned widespread recognition and acclaim. In keeping with this tradition, they have released "One For All," containing fourteen mostly original songs, written and sung in proficient English. "I Sing, You Sing," about that song that you just can't seem to get out of your head (and it makes you crazy!) has a simple melody that outlines the triads in bell-like tones; like a nursery rhyme, it is easy to remember and impossible to forget. The ethereal "Three Poems" adapts the verse of Emily Dickinson, the traditional "Vem Kan Segla Fvrutan Vind" features a harmonica solo that compliments the melancholy melody. "One Summer" is one example of many that illustrates why the group is so successful: perfect pitch and arrangements that challenge and cajole the ear combine to produce a sound without compare. This is the vocal jazz release of the year.

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