Real Group: Original (00 1 CD)

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Real Group: Original

Song Name   Arranger
Alla talar med varandra   Anders Edenroth
en sommar   Peder Karlsson
stĀ och se pĀ   Anders Edenroth
ett liv fr mig   Anders Edenroth
hon som jag vill va   Katarina Henryson
jag vill va med dig   Peder Karlsson
somna min vn   M. Jalkeus / Henryson
vart har alla gentlemn tagit vgen   Peder Karlsson
gĀ frbi dig sjlv   Margareta Jalkeus
kp dig ett ord   Anders Edenroth
nu   Katarina Henryson
bara vi   Anders Edenroth

Produced by The Real Group / Jan Apelholm

When musicians totally create their own work rather interpret the songs others have written they naturally embellish their own harmonious strength. Thus it is on Original, in which the tunes are so naturally sung that they become as familiar as standards before they are finished the first time! That is the response of your enthusiastic reviewer who knows not a word of Swedish in which the songs are sung and the notes are written. There is a quiet beauty infusing this whole album which will beguile you into listening to it again and again.

4395 00 1 CD $16.98   Mixed | 5 Members | Sweden | A Cappella | Vocal Jazz CDs