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Glad: Acappella Project I

Song NameArranger
A Mighty FortressBob Kauflin
In The First LightBob Kauflin
O For A Thousand TonguesBob Kauflin
Depending On Your LoveTom Beard
Be Thou My VisionBob Kauflin
Easter SongBob Kauflin
Be Ye GladBob Kauflin
The ReasonBob Kauflin
AmenBob Kauflin
And This Is LoveJohn Keltonic
And Can It BeBob Kauflin
God Is my RockBob Kauflin

Produced by Ed Nalle

This is it! This is the 1988 album that saw a Christian rock group gain meteoric popularity in the a cappella field. Each of their prior albums had included one a cappella tune. It was an experiment to do an entire recording of them. Thank goodness! You might hear elements of Acappella, The Beach Boys, Yes and other virtuoso male vocal rock and popular rhythm groups but one aspect that distinctly differentiates Glad is the fact that they have classical elements in their music which gives them a wider palette of vocal textures and possibilities. You will always read reviewers use the terms rich and lush when describing the multi-layering of the Glad compositions. These terms are not exaggerated. If anything they are understated. Just listen to that vocal horn fanfare! Rich, lush, rich, lush, rich, lush. There!

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Christian | A Cappella | Male | United States

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