Elektra Women's Choir: Pure Elektra (00 1 CD)

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Elektra Women's Choir: Pure Elektra

Song Name   Composer
Da Pacem   Jeffrey Enns
Ave Regina Coelorum    Giovanni Legrenzi
Lauda Sion   Gyorgy Orban
In the Gardens of Shushan   Sheldon Rose
Cedit, Hyems   Abbie Betinis
Magnificat   Christine Donkin
Early Spring   Kathleen Allan
I Am Not Yours   Stephen Chatman
Joy   Kathleen Allan
Changed Forever   Ulrich
Un Canadien errant   trad Quebec
The Garden of Dreams   Timothy Corlis
Solitude   Stephen Smith
Le ruisseau   Gabriel Faure
what i want   Stephen Smith
One Voice   Ruth Moody

Directed by Morna Edmundson

Pure Elektra marks the Silver Anniversary of Elektra Women's Choir with a collection of highlights from several recent seasons of Elektra programming. All but four of the composers and arrangers are alive and well today, most of them Canadians, and all are worthy of being appreciated far and wide. This recording has two intended audiences: one of listeners who are attracted to exhilarating and moving sounds of fine choral music, and another of choral conductors who are looking to discover new repertoire for their own ensembles. Close your eyes, open your ears, and take a deep breath of Pure Elektra!

Listen to Lauda Sion in RealAudio.

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