Sweet Deliverance: You're My Rock (00 1 CD)

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Sweet Deliverance: You're My Rock

Song Name   Composer
You're My Rock   Allsup & Percival
I Just Want to Celebrate   Allsup & Percival
Thank You   Allsup & Percival
It's Alright   Allsup & Percival
God of Hope and Love   Allsup & Percival
The Only Way   Allsup & Percival
We Sing Holy   Allsup & Percival
I Need You   Allsup & Percival
Broken Heart   Allsup & Percival
Think About His Love   Allsup & Percival
Show Me Your Ways   Allsup & Percival
Amazing Love (You are my King)   Allsup & Percival

We have just enjoyed a wonderful performance by all-male Contemporary Christian quintet Sweet Deliverance at the '08 Harmony Sweeps Bay Area Regional, which earned them a very close 2nd place finish (to winner Where's Gesualdo?). "You're My Rock" includes 8 originals by the group, Bass Bob Allsup collaborating with 1st tenor Kevin Percival on the title tune, the Beach Boys-inspired "Thank You," the rocking "It's Alright," the inspirational "God of Hope and Love" and "The Only Way," the foot-tapper "We Sing Holy," the testifying "I Need You." Allsup gets together with tenor Gary Ferguson on the final original, the touching "Broken Heart," before finishing with a very fine 3-song medley, Walt Harrah's "Think About His Love," Russell Fragar's "Show Me Your Ways" and Billy James Foote's "Amazing Love" (You are My King). Every one of these songs uplifts and celebrates the faith of these talented singers, especially their excellent original material. Treat yourself to "You're My Rock," one of the best albums we've heard this year!

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2505 00 1 CD $14.95   Male | 6 Members | United States | A Cappella