Sweet Deliverance: Take His Hand (00 1 CD)

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Sweet Deliverance: Take His Hand

Song Name   Composer
Take This Hand   Bob Allsup
Philip's Song   Kevin Percival
Is It Me Lord (Am I The One)   Kevin Percival
Read the Writings   Bob Allsup
Don't Hesitate   Bob Allsup
Walking The Way   Kevin Percival
The Man on the Mountain   Gary Ferguson
Talk to Me   Bob Allsup
Simon's Lament   Kevin Percival
Hear Our Prayers   Kevin Percival

"Take His Hand" is more good stuff from this sweet-harmonizing male a cappella quartet, part of the ministry of Keith Lancaster's amazing, prolific Acappella Company. These 10 songs are all originals written and composed by group members. Bob Allsup contributes the very nice title tune, "Read the Writings," "Don't Hesitate" and "Talk to Me." Kevin Percival writes the foot-tapping "Phillip's Song," "Is it Me Lord," "Walking the Way," "Simon's Lament" and "Hear Our Prayer," and Gary Ferguson gives us "The Man On The Mountain." These are all wonderfully creative, thought-provoking songs that illumine and enrich the Christian experience. Beautifully sung and inspirational!

2503 00 1 CD $14.95   Male | 6 Members | United States | A Cappella