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Jeff Deutsch: Teach Yourself to Read Music - A Guide for Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz Singers

C Major Diatonic Scale, Letter Names and Numbers
Treble Clef and Ledger Lines
4/4 or Common Time
Note and Rest Values
G Major and F Major Diatonic Scales
Key Signatures
Sharps, Flats and Enharmonic Equivalents
Number Characters, Bells and Gongs
Cut Time and Dotted Lines
B Major and E Major Diatonic Scales
Other Key Signatures
Accidentals, Half-Steps and Horns
Pick-Up Notes
Minor Scales
Beginning Syncopation
The Blues Scale
Jazz Eigths
Advanced Syncopation

Covers everything any singer needs to know to read music! Includes examples, exercises, songs, answers and an assignment for each chapter. This book starts slowly with the basics and adds more complicated elements one by one. It uses visual images to help you hear in your head what you see on the page. Unlike most other sight singing books, it is specially geared to the singer of pop music. Once you learn the system, you can sight sing in any given key. The accompanying CD will help you to monitor your efforts.

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Instructional | 80 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12

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